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3 reasons why animal cushions are an ideal gift

Stuck for present ideas?

Male or Female, Child or Adult, who doesn't love a good cushion?

Here are 3 reasons why I think animal cushions are an ideal gift:

1) My number one reason for loving animal cushions is the fact they come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. From sea creatures to safari animals, if you decide you are buying someone a cushion, there is a slim chance they will already own the one you pick for them.

2) Cushions will never fight back! You can hug them for as long as you like and they won't continuously squirm until you let them free. If this gift is for a pet owner, they will know what I mean.

3) Cushions are easy to store, they can be shoved into a cupboard and stay intact. This makes them ideal for people who like to alternate their home accessories. 

Not convinced?  Just take a look at some of my favourite animal cushions that we have available here at Gifts for Animal Lovers. 

Blue Whale Cushion - £19.99

If they love sea animals, scuba diving or the occasional trip to the beach then why not pick the Blue Whale Cushion? - BUY HIM HERE

Blue Whale Cushions | Animal Cushions | Gifts for Animal Lovers

I don’t think this guy needs an explanation as to why he is so brilliant, with that buff body and handsome grin, he is incredibly charming. ;)


Hedgehog Cushion - £24.99

If you know a lover of vintage esque home accessories then this Hedgehog Cushion is a winner. - SHOP NOW

Hedgehog Cushion | Animal Cushions | Gifts for Animal Lovers

How cute is he?


 Floral Hen Cushion - £19.99

Is that birthday girl always offering you freshly laid eggs? Then the Floral Hen Cushion is an obvious choice! - ADD TO BASKET

Floral Hen Cushion | Animal Cushions | Gifts for Animal Lovers

 They will cluck with delight...


View our full range of animal themed cushions HERE.

 If you decide animal cushions aren't the right choice, then we have a great selection of other animal themed gifts for you to choose from.

Don't forget! - When your reach checkout, you will be asked to pick a charity that we will make a donation to. It won't cost you a penny more! - FIND OUT MORE.


August 12, 2016 by Sarah -
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