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Happy International Cat Day!

It's International Cat Day so here is a post for the cat lovers out there...

I'm a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Why? I am a real cat enthusiast and I am not ashamed to admit it. I fill my friend's facebook feeds with pictures, videos and memes of cats and kittens. You should see the number of cat-related things I have pinned on Pinterest. Maybe I am a little obsessed, but who cares? Cats are awesome. - Just look at their tiny paws, noses, tails and the crazy things they do... How could they not melt your heart?

I am renowned for obtaining lost cats and keeping them when their previous home cannot be found.

In October 2014 I had a phone call, a family member had come across a black cat. She was tiny, thin and could barely lift her head. We immediately took her to the vets to see if she had been microchipped so we could return her to her family.

She wasn’t microchipped and they estimated she was around a year old. They took our details and we decided to foster her until her family was found. No one came forward so she became part of our family. 

We booked her into the vets to be spayed and vaccinated, dropped her off a few days later and thought nothing of it. However, whilst Fidget was there I received a call from a rather disgruntled vet who told me Fidget had a scar on her stomach that was likely to have been caused by the procedure already taking place. 

So yeah, we collected her and took her home.

3 months later...

The crazy meows, sticking her bum in the air and the constant need for attention. She was on heat.


We gave the vets a call and they said sometimes it can still appear as though a female cat is on heat even when they have been spayed. So we sighed with relief.

But then his happened on August 6th 2016:

 International Cat Day | One for the Cat Lovers

We had a feeling she might be pregnant because she started to get incredibly fat. However, we were never 100% certain because it took her over a year and a half to get pregnant and we were advised that she couldn't get pregnant in the first place.

I would say ‘jokes on them’ but I think the ‘joke’ is on us. Although, I am of course really excited as what cat lover doesn’t love KITTENS?!

We haven't yet chosen their names as we want to see what their personalities are like first. I will keep your updated as they start to develop.

In the meantime, check out this video I took of them. It is very short but you can already tell that they are going to be some needy little cats!


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