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Two weeks old! - Kitten Update

They opened their eyes!

The past two weeks have dragged by as we have not so patiently waited for the kittens to open their eyes.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, check out my International Cat Day blog post.

In short, one of my cats miraculously had kittens and now I am going to keep you updated on their progress as they go from balls of fluff to comical kitty cats.

So, two weeks in –

The kittens are still super tiny , feeble and are really trying their best to walk. Finally, they opened their eyes and like most kittens they are brilliantly blue. At this point, their heads are out of proportion with the rest of their body which I find a little bit amusing.

The most interesting thing they have done so far is claw at the side of their box which I of course filmed.

Fidget has really taken on the challenge of having twins. Every time we approach the kittens she will use her arm as a shield of protection. Yes, cats now have arms.

Fidget also thinks that Simba (our ridiculously stupid cat) is brighter than he truly is, she growls at him to protect her babies and he is just like 'errrr WHAT?!' looking very puzzled.

We haven’t come up with any decent names for the kittens yet. My family have suggested ‘Bubble’ and ‘Squeak’ because they make a lot of noise, but I refuse to let the kittens have the same name as leftover cabbage and potato.

If you have any ideas for names, please let me know!

Two Weeks Old! - Kitten Update

- I promise two kittens exist! The other one just knows how to hide from my camera. 

August 22, 2016 by Sarah -
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