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Kitten Update - One Month Old!

Our kittens have a foot fetish...

Yes, you did read that right, our kittens love feet. They like to bite, scratch and play with toes. If you sit down barefooted, they will be straight there nibbling.

Anyway, last Saturday they turned 4 weeks old and we have finally decided on their names! - Pebbles for the pretty tortoiseshell girl and Carlos for the beautiful black boy. What do you think?


If you are thinking why these names? Well, Carlos means 'Manly' in Spanish and who doesn't love irony? (you can tell he will grow up to be the wimpiest cat ever). As for the name Pebbles, the little tortoiseshell kitten is coloured the same as small smooth stones that you find on the beach...

.... ok, the real reason I chose these names is because they just came to my head and seemed to fit their little faces quite well!

(Although my family are still debating whether or not these should be their names- on the upside, this is better and safer, than debates about religion and politics…)

What else can the kittens do?

Errr not a lot... They are learning how to play, eat, hide in the weirdest of places and burrow into the sofa under the cushions. - I struggle with all of these things so they are doing pretty well. 

Oh and they have become models! Yep, I take photos of them and force them to be in selfies with me, this makes them models. If you have liked us on facebook or follow us on Instagram you will already know what I am talking about. They love it I swear... 

I wish I had more to report but as I don't I'm going to leave you with this video of Pebbles playing with the scratching post (just ignore the sounds of terrible TV in the background)...Enjoy!  x

September 08, 2016 by Sarah -
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