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Mother's Day Gift Guide

O hey, it’s been a while. I know you've missed reading my marvellous ramblings about random animal related things 😉. I’m back and have decided to kick off the Gifts for Animal Lovers 2019 blog with Mother’s Day.

My Mother was inconveniently born in March, plus she always says 'I don't need anything' when asked what she would like, making it a tricky task to find anything to give her for special occasions. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in this predicament so, I’ve created a gift guide to help you out.

I’ve chosen ten categories, pick the one that is most suited to your mum and you'll find the purrfect gift. 

1) The Mother Rocking Cat Lover

If your mum's idea of a Friday night is cuddling Mr Fluffikins while listening to her favourite band, these products will be right up her street. 

Freddie Purrcury Mug

  Freddie Purrcury Mug - £11.99David Meowie in Space Enamel Pin - £8.50 |  Hiss Fridge Magnet -  £2.99

 2) The LOL Mum

Does your mum enjoy a good laugh? These hilarious gifts will definitely make her chuckle!

Putt Bug Enamel Pin - £7.00 | Can't Be Arsed Animal Butt Mug - £11.99 | Alpacass Enamel Pin - £6.50

3) The Baker

 If you spend Sundays popping to your mum's in search of food, these are my picks for you!

Squirrel & Acorn Cookie Cutter Fox Shaped Cookie Cutter Cat Shaped Cookie Cutters

Squirrel & Acorn Cookie Cutters - £5.99 | Fox Cookie Cutter - £4.99 | Cat Shaped Cookie Cutters - £12.99

4) Mrs Stress Head

Is your mum always blowing her top? Here is your chance to take the mickey! 😠😂

Angry Swear Cat Socks Done WIth Your Shit Llama Enamel Pin

Angry Cat Socks - £9.50 | Llama Enamel Pin - £6.50 | I Hate People Cat Pin - £7.00

5) The Hairy Potter Fan

  Do your Mother's Day plans involve binge watching Harry Potter? If your mum loves the whole wizarding world, you won't want to miss these magical pieces!

Which house does your mum belong to? Gryffinboar, Hufflepug, Ravenpaw or Slotherin? - These coasters are £4.99 each or Buy 3 & Get 1 Free (Add 4 to your basket and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout)

Harry Potter Pun Coasters | Gifts for Animal Lovers Dumblebee Enamel Pin Hairy Potter Mug | GIfts for Cat Lovers

 Other Products -  Dumblebee Enamel Pin - £7.00 | Hairy Potter Mug - £11.99

6) Loves Her Liquor

If your mum loves a glass of wine and a good time, check out these gifts.

Party Sloth Hip Flask - £14.99 | Goldfish Vodka Mug - £11.99 | Cat Wine Bottle Stopper - £4.99

 7) The Mum Who's Always Cold

Is your mum ALWAYS cold? Are you sitting in her house sweating while she complains about a phantom breeze? She'll appreciate these gifts.

I Heart Cats Bobble Hat 'Off You Fuck' Travel Mug Rose Gold Llamas Scarf

 I Heart Cats Bobble Hat - £12.99 | 'Off You Fuck' Cat Travel Mug - £15.99 | Rose Gold Llama Scarf - £19.99

8) The Magpie

Does your mother become mesmerised by shiny objects? Check out these jewellery pieces!

Silver Bumble Bee Stud Earrings Gold Giraffe Necklace Silver Bird Feather Ring

Silver Bumble Bee Stud Earrings - £15.99 | Gold Giraffe Necklace - £11.99 | Silver Bird Feather Ring - £13.99

 9) Needs Some Uplifting

If your mum has been going through a tough time, one of these gifts should put a smile on her face. 🙂

Motivational A4 Pony Print Cup Of Courage Mug Believe In Yourself Unicorn Coaster

 Motivational A4 Pony Print - £6.95 | Cup of Courage Mug - £11.99 | Believe in Yourself Unicorn Coaster - £4.99

 10) Loves a Hot Beverage

If there is no point talking to your mum until she has had her first cuppa coffee or tea, here are my picks for you!

The Mug of Motivation Garden Birds Teapot for One Catpurrcino Coaster

Mug of Motivation - £11.99 | Garden Birds Teapot for One - £14.99 | Catpurrcino Coaster - £4.99

 I hope you've enjoyed marvelling at my Mother's Day gift guide! See the full collection of Mother's Day gifts HERE. If you still can't decide what to buy your mum, I give up. 😂😜

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Sarah x


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