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6 reasons why every animal lover should try camping
I love camping, but every time I tell someone who has never camped before, only done it as a child or as a teenager drunk in a park, I get the same old response ‘camping isn’t a holiday’. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy luxury and the comfort of a super soft hotel bed, but camping is more of an experience that you get to enjoy whilst you are exploring.  It is your chance to live as an animal does, simply.
 1. Animals live in the moment, camping will force you to do the same.  Ever seen a dog use his phone? If you have then nice one, but the majority of dogs can’t so they get their enjoyment out of the simplest things, like picking up a random stick. Most camp sites are based in areas with limited signal, so what other choice do you have then to put your phone down and do something spontaneous?
 2. Campfires. Like my cats, I am drawn to the glow and heat of a fire. When the sun goes down and it gets a bit nippy, light up that fire, huddle with your camping companions and have your favourite tipple. This is such an amazing feeling and made even better when the only other light sources are the moon and stars.
 3. Animal sounds. Once you are zipped up and ready to catch some z’s you will start to hear the sounds of little critters rummaging around and owls hooting, something you just don’t get to hear if you live in a built-up area.
 4. You get to not care for a few days.  I enjoy taking care of myself but it is so nice to have an excuse not to straighten your hair, put makeup on or if you are a bloke, shave your face. Animals aren’t focused on what society wants them to look like, so take a leaf out of their book for a few days and just be dirty and ‘undone’!
 5. It teaches you to enjoy the small things in life. After living like an animal for a few days you will definitely appreciate your bed, shower and toilet a little bit more and you are bound to arrive home with some hilarious memories.
6. If you want to explore everywhere but have limited funds, camping is a winner. Once you have your equipment, that you can use over and over again, you can pitch up for as little as a tenner a night in some places. Not so animal related but it had to be said!
So take a walk on the wild side and live like an animal for a few days. Not convinced? Then you will just have to try it for yourself!
If you want to be a prepared camper then you can book in advance on websites such as pitchup.com and coolcamping.co.uk
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July 15, 2016 by Sarah -
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