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The Punderful World of Cats | Gifts for Animal Lovers

I am thrilled to bring you our new collection of cat themed gifts straight from the mind of Katie Ruby Miller – The Punderful World of Cats.

If you have been following us on Social Media, you will know that I am a little bit cat obsessed (probably a bit of an understatement) and enjoy a good pun. So, you can imagine my delight when my sister bought me a Hairy Potter print for my birthday. Harry Potter in cat form? What is not to love about that?!

I immediately set about seeing if we could stock some of Katie Ruby's puntastic products so you can make another fellow cat person squawk with delight when they open their gift from you. - They are all available now!

I think it's great to find out what inspires a person to create their designs, so I had an interview with Katie Ruby to find out more.


- What inspired you to start drawing cat puns? 

'The Punderful World of Cats became a little bit of an evening escapism from my 9 - 5 as a greetings card designer. During the day, I would have to draw A LOT of butterflies and flowers and things that weren't of great interest to me. I was drawing to be paid and sometimes that takes the joy out of the process. So, I wanted to draw something of interest to me to keep my passion alive. The cat puns are totally my sense of humour and I just wanted to share that with whoever would look at my Facebook or Instagram.'

You can check out Katie Ruby’s latest cat puns by following her on Instagram - katierubyillustration


- Have you always loved drawing? 

'Drawing is something I have always enjoyed and my parents have always encouraged me to do. When I was younger, I used to sit and draw characters from TV shows such as the Simpsons and Garfield. Drawing is such a great way to relax and lose yourself to.'

I can imagine it is very relaxing and I like the odd doodle or two myself.  I draw terrible cat faces in everyone’s birthday cards. – I think I probably appreciate them more than they do though.

- What is your first memory of drawing? 

'My first memory of drawing is when I was very young and before I started school. I would go to see my Grandad who enjoyed painting and we would sit and draw turtles together ( I was obsessed by teenage mutant ninja turtles). My Grandma has told me in my later life that they had lots of detail to them and she could tell back then that I would be good at art.'


- We know you love cats, but why? 

'Before I was born my parents had a cat called Oscar, so I have always lived with cats and I grew up with four different cats over the years, 3 boys and 1 girl with completely different personalities. You have to earn cats love and trust and I think that’s what makes the human-feline relationship so special. I suppose in many ways I feel an infinity with cats as I am quite independent and I am only affectionate when I want to be. Maybe I was a cat in a previous life!

Agreed! – You have to love how arrogant cats are as well!  They know you love them and like to take advantage of that, mainly for food.

- How long does it take for you to create a Punderful cat? 

Each pun takes me around 3-4 hours to draw on paper and then render digitally. Though I normally come up with ideas for the puns at the most random of times, so I have quite a list going in my sketchbook. Then I just select one when I've got the time to work on one and go from there.


- If you could be a cat for a day what would you do & why?

'If I could be a cat for the day I would probably spend my day climbing trees. I am always impressed with the agility of cats and the viewpoints from the trees would be pretty impressive. I'd probably also find some super comfy places to sleep, as I do enjoy some shut-eye.'

I know I would go out of my way to confuse humans by meowing for no reason at all.

- Which character from your Punderful World of Cats do you love the most & why? 

'It is really tough to pick out one individual cat pun as my favourite. Though if I did have to choose it would be Furank Sinatra as I really feel like I captured his suave personality with the pose. Though as I add to the Punderful World of Cats weekly, this could easily change.'

Yep, I have also found it pretty difficult to pick a favourite cat from the punderful collection. Freddie Purrcury is a winner for me because you can imagine the reincarnated cat version of Freddie Mercury looking like this on stage wowing the audience once again. 

Freddie Purrcury

Which character from the Punderful World of Cats do you love? - Comment below! 

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